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In Chinese cuisine, particularly tea brewing, one distinguishes five stages of boiling:[3] “shrimp eyes, the first tiny bubbles that start to appear on the surface of the kettle water, crab eyes, the secondary, larger bubbles, then fish eyes, followed by rope of pearls, and finally raging torrent [rolling boil]”.

In detail:[4]

shrimp eyes

about 70-80 °C (155–175 °F) – separate bubbles, rising to top

crab eyes

about 80 °C (175 °F) – streams of bubbles

fish eyes

about 80-90 °C (175–195 °F) – larger bubbles

rope of pearls

about 90-95 °C (195–205 °F) – steady streams of large bubbles

raging torrent

rolling boil, swirling and roiling

via Boiling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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